Cycling Clinic

"Off Bike" Movement Screen

Are you wanting to reduce your discomfort when riding, or are you looking to improve your cycling performance?  


Then our "Off Bike" Movement Screen package is an essential first step to take to help you ride harder and faster and without discomfort/pain.  


Pain and discomfort from cycling can be the result of two factors.

 1. Extrinsic factors

  • These include mechanical factors of the bike such as frame size, saddle and handlebar position, etc.

 2. Intrinsic factors 

  • These include the rider's physical features such as height, leg/arm length, etc

  • This also includes the rider's joint mobility and stability status.


A Bike Fit session will address the extrinsic factors, while our 'Off Bike' Movement Screen can begin to identify intrinsic factors such as joint range of motion, joint stability and core strength that could be causing your pain or discomfort or affecting your overall performance on the bike.


The results from the movement screen can then be used by our experienced strength coach to provide you with a tailored exercise program to start to improve these issues making you are a more efficient, stronger and more powerful cyclist.

Our "Off Bike" Movement Screen Package consists of 2 x 60 min sessions. The first session is a consultation followed by the movement screen.  Our strength coach will then use the information gained from this session to write you a 6-week periodised exercise program.  The second 60 min session will be a 121 gym session with our strength coach, where he will ensure you are able to perform the exercise routine safely and confidently.