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Once upon a time, in a quaint little town, there lived a (not so) young osteopath and enthusiastic golfer named Wes. Golf was not just a hobby for Wes; it was a passion that consumed every waking moment of their life. Wes would spend countless hours perfecting his swing, studying the game, and dreaming of scoring below 90 in a round.

One sunny afternoon, Wes and his friends decided to hit the local golf course for a friendly competition. The excitement was palpable as he lined up at the first tee. As Wes eagerly swung his drive, a sharp pain shot through his back, causing him to buckle over in pain.

The next few days were filled with excruciating pain, as Wes searched online for specialists to seek relief from his injured back. It was during this time that Wes realised the lack of specialised care available for golf-related injuries. Determined to find a solution, Wes decided to take matters into their own hands.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Wes embarked on a journey of learning through the Titleist Performance Institute and gained an understanding of the intricacies of golf-related injuries. Wes became a sponge for knowledge, attending conferences and workshops dedicated to golf injuries and seeking out the expertise of renowned specialists in the field.

Armed with his newfound expertise, he opened a clinic specifically tailored to cater to golfers struggling with injuries. Wes’ approach was not solely focused on treating the symptoms but also on educating golfers about proper technique, warm-up exercises, and overall body conditioning. He understood the unique demands golf placed on the body and designed programs to help golfers prevent injuries and improve their performance.

Wes’ journey from a golfer with a hurt back to a golf injury specialist was not an easy one. It required immense perseverance, dedication, and a deep passion for the game. However, through his determination and desire to make a difference, Wes not only healed his own injury but also became a beacon of hope for countless golfers facing similar challenges.

If you would like to buy the movie rights to this story or would like more information about how I can get you back to playing golf pain free contact me via my website.


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