National Book Day Inspired

National Book Day Inspired Post

Reading is a fantastic way to lose yourself in your favourite story but, could how you sit while reading be causing you pain?

The average adult human head weighs about 6kg but with every 15 degrees of neck flexion (when reading or using smart phones) the weight of the neck due to gravity increases by 5kg. As you can see in the photo above at 60 degrees of neck flexion the head weighs the equivalent of 30kg which is the weight of an 8 year old child.

Over time this “could” lead to muscle fatigue and strain and stress into the joints and vertebral discs in the cervical spine (neck) resulting in loss of range of motion and discomfort/pain.

I say “could” because poor posture by itself has not been shown to be a direct cause of pain. Pain is caused not by just mechanical factors, like poor posture but can also be perceived by physiological and psychological factors. It is the role of the osteopath to identify the cause of the patients pain and then help them to remove the blockages to healing so that they can start to reclaim their health.

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