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The Segmental Cat Camel is the number 1 exercise I prescrib to patients experiencing back pain. This exercise is part of a series known as Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs), which encompass joint-specific exercises that promote a full range of motion. The primary objective of CARs is to stimulate the sensory nerves within our joints, facilitating the transmission of sensory information to the central nervous system (CNS). Based on the movements, or lack thereof, performed by our joints, these sensory nerves relay this information to the CNS. Consequently, the CNS will provide neurological control over our joints. Should joint movement be limited, the information transmitted to the CNS will be subpar, resulting in poor neurological control and impaired movement of the joint. Conversely, by engaging in joint movement that is full range and free from pain, we can stimulate the sensory nerves to transmit better information to the CNS. In turn, this will enhance neurological control over our joints, thereby improving our overall movement capabilities.

The Segmental Cat Camel exercise specifically targets the 48 facet joints of the spine, facilitating segmented flexion and extension. Through enhanced neurological control, this exercise enables the spine to handle strains and stresses more effectively, leading to improved spinal health.

To enhance the health of your spine, it is recommended to perform this exercise for a minimum of 10 repetitions at least once per day.

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